Willy Wonka Elevators in NYC Skyscrapers May Come Sooner Rather Than Later

Charlie: It’s an elevator.
Willy Wonka: No, it’s a Wonkavator. An elevator can only go up and down, but the Wonkavator can go sideways, and slantways, and longways, and backways…
Charlie: And frontways?
Willy Wonka: …and squareways, and front ways, and any other ways that you can think of. It can take you to any room in the whole factory just by pressing one of these buttons.

This conversation may be in the future of NYC doormen and elevator attendants. ThyssenKrupp has developed the World’s first rope-free elevator system, using technology similar to Maglev trains. The system is called MULTI, and ThyssenKrupp should have a prototype ready in 2016 if everything goes according to plan.

via 6sqft

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