West Village's Stonewall Inn Finally Gets Landmark Status

Stonewall Inn
Stonewall Inn
Photo: JMS2

Stonewall Inn wasn't the City's first gay bar, nor is it the largest, nor have the most beautiful architecture, but one thing it does have as of this morning is a unanimous vote making it a landmark from the New York Landmarks Preservation Commision.

Michael Devonshire, a commissioner on the Landmarks Preservation Commission had this to say about the building:

“It ain’t a pretty building. It ain’t a pretty piece of architecture. But this building represents so many things and in light of the recent events in Charleston, I am continually reminded that someday, we will be all more human. Someday, we will understand that color, race and sexual orientation is something to be applauded and included in our family of man. This fantastic spot represents that period of strength and dignity for the LGBT community that absolutely deserves our resignation and protection.”

The Stonewall Inn is what many consider to be the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement. Back in June of 1969, patrons of the bar fought back against a police raid targeting the gay bar, with the resulting protest spanning three days as New Yorkers demanded gay rights and freedom from oppression in what would later be called the Stonewall Riots.

via Newsweek

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