[WATCH] We Asked a NYC Pigeon Man... Why?

An icon of New York City is a mysterious park patron intimately interacting with what the rest of the city deems to be vile hotspots of bacteria- pigeons. After tragedy derailed Larry's life, he hitchhiked to New York City, finding a new family in an unsuspecting group–the "disgusting" pigeons of Washington Square Park. We sit down with Larry and his flock to find out the answers to all the questions you've ever wanted to ask a real-life bird man.

00:00 Intro
00:22 So, What's Your Deal?
01:09 Do the Pigeons Know You?
01:30 Does it Hurt When They Peck You?
02:41 Do You Have a Job?
03:05 What are People's Reactions
03:32 Do You Like Being the Pigeon Guy?
03:52 Do You See them F***?
04:12 Do You Have a Favorite Pigeon?

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Washington Square Park
Matt Coneybeare

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