[WATCH] These Cute Slender-Horned Gazelles Found a New Home at the Bronx Zoo

A herd of endangered Slender-horned Gazelles is getting a new home within the Bronx Zoo, giving the adult male, 3 adult females, and two calves more space to run around in, and also provide more viewing areas for the public.

The new exhibit features tall grasses, shade trees, and sand – all which are found in the slender-horned gazelles’ native range in arid parts of North Africa including Algeria, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. […] The exhibit is adjacent to the Grevy’s zebras and Thomson’s gazelles, giving observers a view of multiple African species from one vantage point. Additionally, the young gazelle calves make for a very active experience as they frequently show off their natural speed and agility.

You can see the Slender-horned Gazelles on exhibit at the Bronx Zoo anytime during normal operating hours.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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