[WATCH] The Smallest Restaurant in New York City is Hidden in a Queens Convenience Store

Indo Java is a VERY small Indonesian market on Queens Blvd in Elmhurst. Learn more about it in this short video from our friends at Munchies.

Indo Java, an Indonesian market in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Queens, seems like an unassuming shop to passersby. But the smells coming from the tiny makeshift kitchen lure people inside to taste the flavors of Indonesian cuisine. Elvi and Viviane, both immigrants from Indonesia, run the convenience store-turned-restaurant. Elvi manages the market and Viviane does the cooking for Warung Kamis, a pop up at Indo Java that happens every Thursday. Their tiny storefront becomes a community hangout because of Viviane's cooking, like her beef curry, stir-fried squid, sauteed chayote, and fragrant anchovy rice. Viviane often uses imported Indonesian ingredients from the shop for her cooking. Indo Java has become a destination for other Indonesian immigrants and any food lover in NYC to gather, feast, and feel like home.

via Munchies

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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