Watch PrankVsPrank Tricks New Yorkers With Free Hotdogs and a Side of Rats

YouTube pranksters PrankvsPrank along with guest Dennis Roady recently pranked unsuspecting New Yorkers at Columbus Circle, pretending to give away free hotdogs then scaring them with remote control rats!

Dennis Roady is this episode’s guest expert prankster. Jeana, Jesse and Dennis take turns pranking the public in Columbus Circle in New York. They set up a hot dog cart to give away free hot dogs. When customers come up to the cart, rats scurry out from underneath the cart, freaking them out!

Check out the PrankVsPrank YouTube channel for more pranks like this.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

Contributing Writer

When he is not attempting to hustle the hustlers of Central Park, Joshua enjoys exploring the depths of what New York has to offer. He one day hopes to pilot a drone without immediately crashing it.

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