Watch One of the Last Strap-Hanging Window Washers in New York City Clean an 11th Story Window

YouTuber Giselle Benatar recently captured one of the last strap-hanging window washers in the City as he cleaned an 11th story exterior window on the [Chanin Building](( in Midtown.

Charlie calmly attaches a second clamp and sets to work, suspend high above the cars and buses furiously inching their way along 42nd street. He cleans the windows of all sixty stories of the Chanin Building. I try hard not to picture him doing this sixty stories up. The Chanin still has windows that open by sliding up and down, he explains. In other buildings, they’ve replaced these with new windows that flip in and out, the kind you can wash from the inside. Most buildings no longer need window washers with Charlie's formidable free-form suspension skills.

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