Watch: NYPD Sanitation Officers Search Through Curbside Trash to Cite People for Improper Recycling

**WARNING:** turn down the volume on your computer, loud yelling throughout the entire video

In this video uploaded to YouTube by PINAC News, watch as 2 uniformed NYPD Sanitation Officers dig through people's trash in order to find recycling violations and give out citations for them. The man filming the video is quite upset about it.

“Now you took out garbage from a residents’ house where I have a few witnesses behind you [who saw] that you took out garbage in order to give summonses. I want to know how you dare do something like that. I think you have the nerve to do something like this. You go from one resident to another in order to take out [their] garbage because you want to give out summonses. You have some nerve. You better get out of here, because this is going all over social media. You have some nerve. Are you a human person?”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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