[WATCH] MTA Rolls Out Cashless Tolling on All River Crossings in New York City

Cashless tolling is a new form of toll collection now at all MTA tunnels and bridges. With cashless tolling, no one has to stop to pay tolls. Instead, all cars simply drive under a gantry, in any lane they choose.

If you have an E-ZPass tag in your car, sensors will read it and deduct the appropriate, discounted toll from your account. If you don’t have E-ZPass, cameras will photograph your license plate, and a bill for the non-discounted toll will be mailed to the registered owner of your vehicle. You also have the option to use our Pay Toll Now service to open a short-term account using your license plate and credit card.

Learn more about the new system and the details on how it works at the MTA's cashless tolling website.

via MTA

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