[WATCH] Here's Why These Street Preachers Share Their Love for God on Brooklyn Sidewalks

While many people dismiss Street Preachers as a little bit crazy, this video from BRIC TV shows that there is nothing but compassion and love behind many of them as you meet Keisha Boykin, a street preacher on the sidewalks of Brooklyn.

Minister Keisha Boykin is an enthused street preacher who is very passionate about sharing God's love to people on the streets of Brooklyn. While some might expect to be asked for donations of some sort, Minister Keisha simply asks for time to share her love of God, to pray with passersby, and to generally uplift the community. Here, Keisha shares with us her background, and how her upbringing in the church has contributed to the ardor she shows today.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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