[WATCH] Here's What Doing Laundry In New York City Looks Like During A Pandemic

Doing laundry in New York is a hellish experience, ask any New Yorker. Celsious, an eco-friendly laundromat in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, wanted to change that.

Founded by sisters Corinna and Theresa Williams, Celsious aimed to offer something different: a community gathering space where you can grab an espresso with a bite of delicious pastries in the morning, join for a movie screening in the evening, all while doing your laundry using environmentally friendly cleaning products and energy-efficient washing machines. Unfortunately, like with many other businesses, COVID-19 disrupted the sisters’ plans.

As an essential service, Celsious has remained open throughout the state’s social distancing orders. Bustle caught up with Corinna and Theresa as they were reopening Celsious to regular hours, on the heels of a curfew put in place by the NYC mayor’s office. NYC curfew lasted a week following nationwide protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

via Bustle

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