[WATCH] Here Is How Much Central Park Has Recovered From Its Gritty Past

It's no secret that 1980's New York City was not a very nice place to be. The streets were filled with trash and graffiti, crime was rampant, public areas were underfunded and neglected. One of these neglected areas was Central Park, though you would not know it today. For almost 4 decades, the Central Park Conservancy has overseen the recovery, restoration, and conservation of our City's crown-jewel greenspace. In this short video from the New York Post, take a look at just how much the conservancy has turned the park around.

Central Park has come a long way, baby. Stunning pics released by the Central Park Conservancy show New York’s iconic, 840-acre plot during the bleak ‘80s era.

via NYP

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Matt Coneybeare

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