[WATCH] Flatiron District's "Dessert Bar" is a Speakeasy Pairing Cocktails With Gourmet Desserts

"Dessert Bar" is a dessert speakeasy tucked away under Patissiere Chanson in the Flatiron District that creates unique desserts in an open kitchen, and pairs them with delicious cocktails. In this video from our friends at Thrillist, watch as Chef Rory MacDonald explains what Dessert Bar is all about.

Located in the basement of Patissiere Chanson in the Flatiron district of New York is Dessert Bar, a speakeasy that exclusively makes desserts. Chef Rory MacDonald is the pastry chef mastermind behind the six-course dessert tasting menu with cocktail pairings you can indulge in at Dessert Bar. Every course is assembled in front of the diner for the maximum wow effect. And while the tasting menu is made up of 6 desserts, Chef MacDonald has managed to create an entire meal by balancing sweet and savory flavors through the courses.

via Thrillist

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