Watch Comedian Meir Kay Help Straphangers Sleep on the New York City Subway

Brooklyn filmmaker/actor/entertainer Meir Kalmanson has done quite a few feel-good stunts in the City, including dancing like crazy behind unsuspecting strangers, the subway dance party and even Valentine's Day Surprises. In this latest video from Meir Kay, watch as he helps New York City subway commuters have a more comfortable ride.

I travel on the New York City Subway often (practically half of my videos on social media are filmed on them lol) and when I make my way home after a long day of filming in Manhattan I come across so many of my fellow commuters dozing off and falling asleep on the subway. I've done it myself and it's never a comfortable experience. So I set out to help people find a moment of rest in the City That Never Sleeps.

via Meir Kay

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