Watch Chef Will Horowitz of East Village's Ducks Eatery Make His "World's Best" Pastrami Sandwich

Ducks Eatery is a small, rustic restaurant in the East Village which serves up a delicious meat dishes including a pastrami sandwich that many call the "World's Best". In this video from one of our favorite local filmmakers Roberto Serrini, watch Ducks Eatery chef Will Horowitz talk shop, and put together this amazing sandwich.

About two years ago, myself and my partner Jeremy Spector of the Brindle Room set out on a sandwich adventure. Our goal? To eat sandwiches. Well folks, we just ate the best sandwich. That's right, this sandwich wins. It wins all the sandwiches. I dont care if you're vegetarian, gluten free or if your family was killed by a rogue sandwich, you will want to marry this sandwich and have babies with it, it's that good. Not even kidding here. We're done. This, this is the world's best sandwich.

There. We've said it.

To get it you got to talk to Master Chef Will Horowitz. Maybe to his Grandma. Not sure. But you can find him down at Ducks Eatery in the East Village making history. (UPDATE: Will has gone on to open a new restaurant called Harry and Ida's, one that features, wait for it... this Pastrami sandwich. Hows that for being on the pulse of sliced meats and breads?)

The video is part of Serrini's excellent Make Me a Sandwich series. Up next, be sure to check out the most recent episode, featuring world-famous chef Mario Batali making a Beer Battered Grouper Sandwich.

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