[WATCH] Check Out Feltman's of Coney Island, the Chain That Really Invented the Hot Dog

Despite Nathan's being more well-known, Charles Feltman is widely regarded as the inventor of the Hot Dog. As a German immigrant who opened a food stand on the Coney Island Boardwalk in 1867, he sought an easier way to eat frankfurters on the beach, or while walking. He popped the sausage into a custom made elongated bun and made a fortune.

In this video from our friends at Eater, watch as host Serena Dai heads out to Feltman's in the East Village, where a few Coney Island locals have revived the historic brand and the original recipes.

Feltman’s is the original New York City hot dog, and die-hard fans say it’s still the best. To find out if that’s true, in this episode of Cult Following host Serena Dai stops by to test the classic fare.

via Eater

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