Watch a Time-Lapse of Android Jones Creating an Amazing Elecro Mineralist Interpretation of the NYC Skyline

Android Jones is one of the world's best digital artists, though his style is not easily defined. He describes his art as "Electro-Minimalism" and explains what he means by that term to Mushroom Magazine:

Mankind is a medium that the universal creative spirit expresses itself through, and that expression is dependent of the medium that is made available to mankind. Artists are defined by their mediums, the vast majority of art history in regards to image making has been dominated by animal and vegetable mediums. Tools are a creation of our consciousness; and now the creative spirit seeks new mediums to express its evolution. Technology and computers are born from the intelligent directed manipulation of earth minerals infused with the power of electricity. It is the next natural evolution of artistic mediums. Therefore I feel electro-mineralism is a more appropriate terminology to describe the medium that consciousness has now chosen to express itself.

Whatever it is called, the art is amazing. Check out this time-lapse above to see him re-create the New York City skyline using the style. Learn more about the process, or purchase prints of Jones' work from his gallery.

via Vimeo

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