Watch a Tesla Model 3 Autopilot Perfectly Through the Complicated Holland Tunnel Exit

Electric car maker Tesla continuously updates their in-car AI and autopilot system to tackle complicated real-life road situations. In this video from YouTuber Okiem Piotra, watch as a Tesla Model 3 is set on autopilot and then tackles the Holland Tunnel, including the complicated exit which has numerous branches and dedicated lanes.

Driving on Autopilot in Holland Tunnel - interesting to see how the software handles the exit on Manhattan side where the car needs to take quite a sharp right hander and then a long sweeping left turn, although autopilot is jerky at that moment it pulls through the whole way - I did not touch the steering wheel until the very last moment where I had to take an exit onto a local street. Watch till the end to see this.

via YouTube

Holland Tunnel

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