Watch a 1990 New York City Cable Access Host Handle an Onslaught of Prank Calls

New York City journalist Ken Sander hosted a public access television show on cable in the 1990's called "Speak Out" in which he asks viewers to call in with opinions on the serious question of whether or not New Yorkers should carry handguns. Over the next 30 calls, about 90% of them are prank calls on live television which he field like a pro.

Ken: Hello, you're on the air.
Caller: Hello, Ken
Ken: Yes
Caller: I was wondering how you think it would be possible to regulate the sale of the guns, and one note, you sick d*ck
Ken: Alright, well, in answer to your second question, No. And I'm not sure how we would regulate the sales.

via Gothamist

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