Vote For Your Favorite Cute Animal Pics to Go On 2017 Wildlife Conservation Society Calendar

Photo: WCS

The Wildlife Conservation Society not only helps manage the 5 New York City zoos, but also seeks to conserve wildlife through 15 key areas worldwide, identified as home to more than 50% of the Earth's biodiversity.

One of the WCS's most popular fundraising events is their annual calendar filled with submitted photographs of animals snapped at the New York City zoos. Finalists for the 2017 calendar submission have been chosen, and the WCS wants your vote on which ones they should include in the calendar!

We got so many great photos from you for our WCS Zoos and Aquarium 2017 Calendar. Now, the hard part. We need your help narrowing them down. We’ve selected an incredible group here. Vote for your top 5 among them. And remember, there’s no shame in campaigning. Urge your friends and family to vote for your favorites.

Head on over to the voting page to see some of the best photos of our zoos' residents, and to vote for your 5 favorite shots.

via WCS

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