Vintage Photographs Show New York City Street Life in the 1940s

New York City, 1940s
New York City, 1940s
Photo: 6sqft

The 1940s were marked with both dark times and bright hopes. Nightly dim-outs, meant to both conserve energy and hide the skyline from possible WWII air and naval attacks, were a regular occurrence; police scuffled with citizens over race riots in Harlem and the AFL Strike on Wall Street; and President Roosevelt died. But towards the end of the decade, New Yorkers and the nation celebrated the end of the War; Times Square and Coney Island drew record crowds; and retail venues like the Fulton Fish Market and Orchard Street reached their height. Ahead, this collection of vintage photos showcases what everyday life was like in NYC in the 1940s, from the good times to the bad.

Take a peek at what life was like back in the 1940s in this collection of vintage photographs rounded up by our friends at 6sqft. To learn more about any of the photos, check out the accompanying article.

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