Vintage Photographs of 1896 Coney Island Courtesy of Brooklyn's New York Transit Museum

Take a look at these vintage photographs from the new exhibition at Brooklyn's New York Transit Museum. The new exhibition explains the role of different modes of transportation in Coney Island's development as a tourist attraction.

From horse-drawn carriages, steamboats, and railroads, to the buses and subways of today, transportation has played a pivotal role in Coney Island’s development as a seaside resort, the home of the world’s first amusement parks and the densely populated neighborhood it became. Through objects, maps and images from the Museum’s collection, Five Cents to Dreamland traces the evolution of public transportation in Brooklyn and its storied connections to the wonders of Coney Island both past and present.

Be sure to visit the New York Transit Museum for more exhibits as well as to explore Coney Island's rich history.

via CityLab

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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