Vintage Photographs From 1933 That You Did Nazi Coming

If you thought Donald Trump rallies in New York were intolerant, check out these vintage photographs of a mass meeting of the Friends of New Germany, the predecessor to the American Bund or American Nazi Party, at Madison Square Garden from the 1930s.

After the dissolution of the Friends, a successive group, officially unconnected to the German government, was formed — the German American Bund. The Bund continued the campaigns of anti-Semitism, anti-Communism and violent rhetoric, but wrapped them in patriotic, pro-American symbolism, holding up portraits of George Washington as “the first Fascist.” The Bund reached the height of its prominence on February 20, 1939, when some 20,000 members held a “Pro-America Rally” in Madison Square Garden.

The images almost seem out of a dystopian future with the juxtaposition of the swastika and George Washington. Read the full article for more information on our slightly darker past.

via Mashable

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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