Vintage Photograph Shows a Busy New York City Street Scene Outside the Casino Theatre, 1907

A Busy New York City Street Scene At The Casino Theatre – 1907
A Busy New York City Street Scene At The Casino Theatre – 1907
Photo: SNCA

As part of their Old New York in Photos series, the team behind historical blog Stuff Nobody Cares About recently shared this large vintage photograph from 1907 showing a busy street scene outside of the old Casino Theater on Broadway and W 37th St.

We’re looking at the Casino Theatre on 39th Street and Broadway in a Detroit Publishing Co. photograph that the Library of Congress has labeled “Saturday Matinee circa 1900 – 1910.” By looking at the few details available we can narrow down approximately when this photograph was taken. The weather appears to be on the cool side, as some of the men and women wear coats over their dress attire.

Check out their excellent accompanying article for an in-depth analysis and breakdown of the photo.

Broadway & W 39th St
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