Vintage Photograph of New York City Subway Advertising Circa 1912

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Broadway & 207th Street IRT Subway Station – 1912

Our friends at Stuff Nobody Cares About, a New York City history blog, recently published this vintage photograph of a vacant subway station and it’s advertisements from 1912. The station was on the old IRT line, currently a stop on the 1 line at 207th Street in Inwood. The ads are (right to left)

James T. Powers in the play Two Little Brides, the brightest and jolliest musical show in town with new songs and dances. […] Wanamaker’s Department Store announcing the “The Month of Roses at Wanamaker’s.” […] Royal Baking Powder, followed by ads for Chicklets chewing gum, B.V.D. undershirts and underwear for men and the last visible ad for an unidentifiable women’s hair product.

Matt Coneybeare

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