Vintage Photograph of Cortland Street in the Financial District Circa 1908

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Cortland St. 1908
Photo: Imgur

Here is an amazing vintage photograph from 1908 that shows Cortland Street looking West. In this shot we see several downtown shops and hotels, old street cars and horse carriages, and plenty of well dressed gentlemen.

Lapping at the balmy shores of the Glen Island Hotel, with the new Singer Building rising in the distance. In the center is the platform for the Ninth Avenue El, which ran up Greenwich Street

Sadly, everything in this shot is gone today as this is currently where the World Trade Center stands. The shorter buildings in the front right now have 3 World Trade Center, the taller ones in the back are where the twin towers stood and is now the 9/11 memorial fountains.

It’s tough to see here due to construction, but this Google Streetview shows this spot today.

Cortland St

via /r/nyc

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