Vintage New York City Subway Cars Get a Second Life at the Bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Ever wondered what happens to older subway cars once they become unsafe, or ill-suited for modern commuting? The last place you would expect is the bottom of the ocean right? Wrong. In order to help promote marine life in areas that are otherwise flat and featureless, artificial reefs are created from many different objects, subway cars being one of them. The many windows and doors allow multiple entrance and exit points for the marine life, while the rigid metal frame provides shelter from larger predators and weather related issues.

Industrial photographer Stephen Malloy, the same photographer that captured the one-piece bridge delivery we wrote about yesterday, was able to witness the dumping of these train cars into Redbird Reef, an artificial reef off the coast of Delaware. The result is some amazing shots of something you don't see everyday, the dumping of New York City subway cars into the ocean.

via Reframe

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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