Vintage Brooklyn Photography Shows Myrtle Avenue Elevated in 1969

Patrick Cullinan grew up in Brooklyn and let us share his memories with the series of pictures he took from the Myrtle Avenue Elevated in 1969. The Myrtle Avenue Line was a fully elevated line of the City’s old BMT subway system, and the tracks today are one of the last remnants of the original elevated railroads.

The Myrtle Elevated line is dear to my heart because of nostalgic associations with Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School, which I attended in the 1950's. Over a period of four years, I traveled the line from Knickerbocker Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue, enjoying the homely views along the way.

Check out Cullinan's SmugMug for more vintage photos from this series.

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Veronika Kostova

Veronika Kostova

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Veronika is in her twenties and is studying marketing and design. She loves to travel, discover the world and its delicious foods, and finds inspiration in the City’s arts scene. She never turns down a challenge, especially on the volleyball court.

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