Village Voice Interviews Arlene Harrison, the Warden of Gramercy Park

In a recent article from our friends over at the Village Voice, let the 'Warden' of Manhattan's private Gramercy Park, Arlene Harrison, explain why us plebeians are not allowed inside, and what they do to accomodate us.

But let me tell you, around the rim of that park is a place to sit all around. We plant shrubbery all the time, and we make sure that it’s visibly accessible to people, so they can look in. We could have put shrubbery so you couldn’t see a damn thing. We purposefully didn’t wall it off. Hundreds of people sit there. And they see it, and they enjoy it, and they love it. And they don’t have to go in it. But they can see it as well as you can see it from inside.

Check out the full interview for more.

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