[VIDEO] Washington Heights' Beloved Galicia Restaurant Forced to Close Following Overly-Excessive Rent Hike

After 30 years in the Washington Heights neighborhood in Manhattan, Galicia restaurant is now being forced to close its doors following an overly-excessive rent hike. As the neighborhood demographics are changing, and gentrification continues to make its way uptown, the landlord is refusing to renew the restaurant's lease, raising the price to levels unattainable by the diner, with the hopes of attracting a larger retailer. Learn more about this tragic community loss in this short video from journalist and video producer Isobel Cockerell.

This restaurant in Washington Heights, New York City, is a beloved hub for the local Latino community. But the landlord has a different vision for the neighborhood, and Galicia's will have to close.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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