[VIDEO] The New York Penthouse that Lost $100M

How long can a building survive? New York is a city famous for its relentless evolution but it’s not a place that’s particularly sentimental about its legacy when something shiny and new comes around. The economic engine that made Manhattan one of the densest skyscraper forests in the world is the same that has brutally destroyed many of its historical gems. Protected status can offer some protection for buildings, but that doesn’t make it a done deal. While that might be a matter of survival, what does it take for a historic tower to really thrive? In a city where multi billion dollar skyscrapers set the tone of the debate, what can older buildings still offer other than heritage?

The Woolworth Building may be one of the city's most iconic skyscrapers but its chequered history has not always lived up to its grand appearance. Built at the start of the skyscraper boom in a style that quickly went out of fashion and with a huge maintenance bill, the story of its survival tells us a lot about how a building lives in the Big Apple.

via The B1M

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