[VIDEO] The Face (Faces) of NYC: a Street Photography Series Focusing on Faces

Italian photographer Ivano Mercanzin has a great series titled THE FACE (FACES) OF NYC which captures candid street portraits of New Yorkers going about their day.

From Manhattan to Queens, round trip on the subway in the wake of daily commuters who travel to and return from work. A starting point, a title for a scenic existential program caught from life. Faces, faces understood as narrative optical filming and photographic evidence of faces, faces, faces, eyes, bodies, shapes, expressions, aspects and characters caught in their impromptu stories in everyday tales occasional. But also he faces understood as an expression of personality, characters and moods of nations, ethnic groups, people, faces of people in their different traditions and cultures. A "face to face" an alternating emotional exchange but continuously between men and environment.

The music in the slideshow is Simona Premazzi — "Autumn Leaves"

via Vimeo

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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