[VIDEO] Remembering Joe Ades A.K.A. Mr. Peeler, the Greatest Salesman in New York City History

Joes Ades was a well-known street character in the the 1990s and 2000s on the streets of New York City. Better known as Mr. Peeler, Ades would sell one thing and one thing only: potato (and sometimes carrot) peelers.

For the better part of two decades — well into his 70s — Joe Ades followed the same routine. He’d get up early, typically before dawn, and get dressed in his $1,000 suit with high-end shirts and ties. He’d leave his Manhattan apartment (and, toward the end of his career, that was a three-bedroom one on Park Avenue) and make his way to work. Like his millionaire neighbors, Ades probably pulled down well north of $100,000 a year. But unlike his neighbors, he wasn’t off to a job on Wall Street or at any other typical six-figure income job. He was off to a street corner to sell $5 potato peelers.

Check out the accompanying article for more on Mr. Peeler.

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