[VIDEO] New York City’s $29.5 Billion Gateway Program

The US is planning to construct a $29.5 billion dollar rail infrastructure project in New York City. Currently, there is only one northeast corridor train link between Manhattan and New Jersey. Running at full capacity, the link transports 200 thousand commuters to and from New York City every day, serving as an essential lifeline for the metropolis. However, it is deteriorating very rapidly and frequently breaks down, causing commuter chaos. In the near future, when it inevitably will have to be shut down for repair, the closure would seriously harm the regional economy, causing billions of dollars of economic damage. To fix this problem, NYC is building the Gateway Program, which will include numerous rail infrastructure projects between Manhattan and New Jersey, including a new Hudson Tunnel and Portal Bridges. Planned to be finished by the 2030’s, the project will provide a list of benefits and boost the city’s economy.

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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