[VIDEO] Local Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Gets Her Own Comic Book

Representing New York's 14th Congressional District, freshman U.S. House of Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is quite the polarizing figure in Washington. Despised by the older right generations, and loved by the younger population on the left, many of her fans are tapping in to this youthful popularity, such as Chicago-based comic book creators Devil's Due Comics. Coming in May 2019, a new comic book features AOC and friends in Alexandria  Ocasio-Cortez and the Freshman Force: New Party Who Dis?

Comic creators converge to celebrate the election of the most diverse group of freshman congresspersons in history, and spare no-one in this satire that takes aim at Washington. From the house that brought you  Barack the Barbarian: No F#¢*s Left!  Featuring comics from various artists and bonus activities and games. Grab a hamberder and cup of covfefe and prepare to enjoy this read! 

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