[VIDEO] Inside the Kink of Financial Domination with NYC's Mistress Marley

After going viral on twitter for walking her white male sub on a leash at her HBCU, Mistress Marley was inundated by requests from other black women who wanted advice on how to become a dominatrix. This led to the creation of Black Domme Sorority, a national group for black and brown women who work as dommes.

The only group of its kind, BDS essentially functions like a normal sorority with chapters all over the country & they offer support, host events and classes. She quickly realized that her clientele were mostly white men who always brought up race in their initial conversations - she now considers these payments reparations. Mistress Marley gives us an inside look on the world of financial domination and how she learned to rake in cash.

via VICE

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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