[VIDEO] Here's a Tutorial on Proper Human-Dog Etiquette in New York City. No PIZZA!

While intentions are good, most non-dog owners don't know how and when to interact with the dogs of other humans when encountered on the streets of New York or in the parks. Luckily for you, video editor Jessica Leibowitz and correspondant Ben Yakas at Gothamist made this great human-dog etiquette video so you can learn.

Most New Yorkers are not shy about petting strangers' dogs—but just because you've bonded for life with an animal you've just met doesn't mean you can ignore the boundaries of general social etiquette around the human beings in charge of those pups. There are a lot of basic rules dog enthusiasts and their owners can follow to ensure that your next petting experience is pleasant for both people, and doesn't end with you creeping out the dog's owner or getting your hand bitten.

Check out the accompanying article for more.

CLARIFICATION: Pizza is ok, but only if the owner says so, and only if a dollar slice. Wasting some Di Fara or Roberta's on a pup is never ok.

via Gothamist

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