[VIDEO] Chinatown Dim Sum Landmark Jing Fong Dining Room Closes With Ongoing Pandemic

New York City’s Jing Fong restaurant closed its 800-seat dining room in Manhattan’s Chinatown on March 7, 2021, due to struggles during the Covid-19 pandemic. For almost 30 years, the landmark location served as a community space where elderly patrons spent mornings enjoying dim sum and locals of all ages celebrated special occasions such as wedding banquets and birthday parties.

Truman Lam, the third-generation owner of Jing Fong, said he could no longer afford to rent the dining hall space. About 100 workers are losing jobs because of the closure, but the restaurant will continue to handle takeaway and delivery orders. Lam said he is looking for a new space in Chinatown as a way of “keeping the business alive and providing as many jobs as we can.”

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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