[VIDEO] Check Out This POV Video from New York City Subway 6 Train

The 6 train, also known as the Lexington Avenue local line, is a subway route in New York City that runs from Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx to Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall in lower Manhattan.

Starting from Pelham Bay Park, this 6 train passes through several neighborhoods in the Bronx. Some of the lovely neighborhoods include Pelham Bay, Westchester Square, Parkchester, and Soundview. Being the Bronx’s most eastern line, this train then finally enters Manhattan, and begins serving the Upper East Side and passing through neighborhoods such as East Harlem, the Upper East Side, and Murray Hill.

Once in Manhattan, the train joins together with the express 4 & 5 trains, taking the Lexington Ave local line, making its southern journey towards to Financial District. Combining with the 1 train, the 6 is the only other train that runs locally in Manhattan as it can be found east of Central Park. As this train services popular stations like Grand Central Station and 14th St Union Square, the train finally finishes its journey at the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall Station which is its southern terminal, located in the financial District.

One unique aspect of the 6 train is that it passes through the City Hall subway station, which was the first opened subway station in New York City in 1904 (stay tuned to the end for a special look). The station was abandoned in 1945 due to its curved tracks not being able to accommodate longer trains. However, passengers on the 6 train can catch a glimpse of this historic station as it passes through. The station's elegant arches and decorative tile work are visible through the train's windows as it slows down to navigate the sharp curve.

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