Upper East Side's 39 Citi Bike Station Locations Revealed, Coming This Fall

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DOT is planning 39 bike-share stations on the Upper East Side between 59th and 96th Streets. Stations below 86th Street could be up and running by late summer or early fall

Media distributed in a recent Manhattan Community Board 8 transportation committee meeting revealed the locations of the 39 forthcoming Citi Bike locations on the Upper East Side.

It’s a pretty good spread, with stations placed in a checkerboard pattern every 2 or 3 avenues and blocks. Perhaps this will alleviate some of the current demand on the Midtown stations once the UES ones are deployed later this year.

As expected, not everybody on the UES is happy about the stations.

Complaints touched on the aesthetic horror of adding bike-share to historic districts, as well as its potential to cause traffic congestion, pollution, and cancer. There were also plenty of threats from lawyers who live in the neighborhood who said they might sue the city over the program.

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