Universal Hip-Hop Museum Eyes Old Bronx County Courthouse for Future Museum Site

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Old Bronx County Courthouse Scouted as Site For a Hip-Hop Museum
Photo: Curbed

The Universal Hip-Hop Museum is a highly anticipated museum dedicated to the history, preservation and celebration of Hip-Hop culture worldwide. The museum has yet to find a home, but are reportedly eyeing the Old Bronx County Courthouse.

A series of new renderings depict what the Old Bronx County Courthouse would look like if transformed into the highly anticipated Universal Hip Hop Museum. [&hellip] In renderings by by “Hip-Hop Architect” Mike Ford, the landmark 1930s courthouse would become a cutting-edge center that provides visitors with an immersive experience through virtual reality exhibits, holograms, interactive documentaries, vintage photos, and more.

Check out the full article for more info.

via Curbed

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