Train O' Thoughts, a Animated Collection of Portraits Drawn During Daily Subway Commutes

Cartoonist and teacher Tom Hart rides the Subway to work everyday. Naturally, he started drawing the characters he encountered on a daily basis, and after several months of drawing, he compiled a massive collection of interesting art that represented the City perfectly.

Ever sit across from a stranger on the subway and find yourself imagining a theoretical backstory for their lives? Who is this person? What are they thinking? Where did they come from, and where are they going? This has happened to artist Tom Hart a lot over the years. The result of these musings is his Train O’ Thots series of annotated illustrations, drawn live and in real-time during his subway commutes around New York City.

Hart, with the help of the (Gr)album Collective, published these drawings and animations into an interactive app entitled [Train O' Thoughts]( complete with a moving soundtrack by Exaltron.

Train O' Thoughts is available as a downloadable App on iTunes.

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