This Williamsburg Kitchen is Discovering Dishes You Can Make On Mars

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A vacuum-packed slice of pizza created with shelf-stable ingredients in the Menu for Mars test kitchen.
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The Astronaut Reviver cocktail.

The Menu for Mars Kitchen is a 1,200 square foot installation at the Boiler art gallery in Williamsburg that is dedicated to the care and feeding of Martians, humans who might someday colonize Mars. With a mission similar to the recent blockbuster The Martian, the group seeks to find scientifically viable ways of surviving on Mars.

Consider protein, for instance. While the Menu for Mars Kitchen is equipped with protein-rich legumes such as dried lentils and beans, which are reliably shelf-stable and easy to cook, it’s nearly impossible to imagine raising livestock for food on Mars […] Looking to other cultures for inspiration, Paulson and Neilson settled on the idea of creating a cricket farm. Using several empty five-gallon water containers, they raised 1,000 crickets that were eventually turned into cricket flour.

Be sure to read the full article for more information on the Menu for Mars Kitchen including recipes you can make yourself.

Joshua Mu

Joshua Mu

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