This New York City Real Estate Brokerage is Now Accepting Bitcoins for Rent

397 Clermont Avenue #2
397 Clermont Avenue #2
Photo: Streeteasy

Are you a new Bitcoin millionaire and looking to spend your coin directly? Brooklyn-based real-estate brokerage Brookliv is the first we have seen in the City to accept Bitcoins as rent payment. Owner Ari Weber recently told Inverse:

“We are doing something to attract young clients,” […] “I was asked recently if we accept bitcoin, and so we quickly built the backend to accept bitcoin for rental deposits.” The decision to start accepting the crypto giant came only a few weeks ago, and was put into action swiftly.

With the value of bitcoin swinging thousands of dollars in both directions weekly, this could either be a big win or a big loss, depending on how and when Brookiv cashes out to fiat.

via Inverse

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