This Israeli Startup is Making Edible NYC and Other City Maps Out of Chocolate

Founded by Anat Errell and Liat Zvi, Tamtik is an Israeli startup that is looking to bring edible maps of New York City, Tel Aviv, London and other cities to life, each made from gourmet chocolate.

Imagine for one second if you could combine two of your favorite things in the world: Supremely decadent chocolate and a a stunning urban city-scape. Well, imagine no more :) We've been working like mad over the past years to perfect our Tamtik chocolate city, it's a product of years of dedication and and we can now finally bring it to YOUR city. Yay!

The company has launched a Kickstarter campaign where they are seeking a modest $10,000 of pre-orders to get the ball rolling. With 33 days left in the campaign, Tamtik has already raised about 25% of the funding for the urban chocolate maps.

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