This Funny Video Highlights the Unseen Athletes in NYC Marathon: New Yorkers Trying to Cross the Street

The 2018 NYC Marathon has come and gone, and I'm sure you have seen tons of clips about the winners and the record number of finishers. But there is more to see. Local comedian, filmmaker, and Gothamist video producer Jeff Seal recently made this funny video highlighting some of the NYC Marathon's overlooked athletes: the New Yorkers trying to cross the street.

I love watching the NYC Marathon—I watch it every year. I find it genuinely heart-warming to see New Yorkers come out to cheer on their friends and also complete strangers from all over the world. I love it when like, an Italian spectator sees an Italian runner and then they have a quick exchange in Italian really quickly. I literally get choked up when I see that. But I also always find it so funny watching everyone just try cross the street. You couldn't choreograph a more perfect physical comedy routine. They have a very specific and clear objective: to cross the street and not get hit by a runner.

via Gothamist

Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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