This East Harlem Building Uses a Cool Glass and Aluminum "Artwall" to Hide Mechanical Equipment

All the way at the North end or Park Avenue in East Harlem is a new mixed-use building with an interesting facade designed by artist Michael Kirchmann of Global Design Strategies (GDSNY).

The "Artwall" is an 80-foot-long glass and aluminum installation covering all of the building's rooftop mechanical equipment, making it functional and beautiful. Our friends over at New York YIMBY spoke with GDSNY about the piece.

“Using a material palette of glass and aluminum fins, the artwork employs a dynamic surface geometry that changes depending on the viewer’s vantage point,” GDSNY told YIMBY. “The changing physicality of the surface uses light, reflections and shadow to create depth and movement along the building’s façade, which is further emphasized when viewed from a moving train car on the adjacent raised Metro-North tracks.”

Check out the full article for more on the "Artwall."

Park avenue artwall 2x
Park Avenue Artwall

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