This Brooklyn Filmmaker Threw a Rooftop Superbowl Party for the Homeless

Brooklyn filmmaker/actor/entertainer Meir Kalmanson has done quite a few feel-good public stunts in the City, including dancing like crazy behind unsuspecting strangers, the subway dance party and high-fiving taxi hailing strangers.

In this recent video, Kalmanson partnered with 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar to throw a superbowl party for a group of homeless men, providing food, warmth and a good time.

We threw a super bowl party for the homeless of New York City. The Super Bowl for most is a holiday, up there with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Hanukah. We feast, drink and surround ourselves with family and friends. But for those with nowhere to go, it could feel even more lonesome so I teamed up with my friends at 230 Fifth: Best Heated Rooftop Bar/Club/Restaurant In NYC to throw a Super Bowl party where all were welcomed!

via Meir Kay

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