This Brooklyn Designer Launched A Clothing Line Made Entirely of Garment Scraps

We New Yorkers are actually a pretty eco-friendly group. We reduce pollution by walking to work. We eliminate trash by composting our food scraps. But in the face of an unsustainable fashion industry, we can't really avoid wearing clothes (please, don't try to avoid wearing clothes).

Brooklyn based fashion designer Daniel Silverstein offers a solution to this problem, and he's ready to revolutionize global fashion right from our City.

Silverstein launched his uniquely sustainable line Zero Waste Daniel with a single vision: a fashion manufacturer that creates no waste. All of his garments are produced with a variety of cutting room fabric scraps, which are shipped in entirely reusable material. Each garment saves about a pound of fabric from going to waste, a part of the brand's 2016 goal of keeping three tons of fabric from landfills.

You don't have to be a green guru to support this local business. Browse through his innovative line to get a taste of the future of fashion.

Ashley Jankowski

Ashley Jankowski

Contributing Writer

Ashley is a journalism student living in a 5-foot wide bedroom in NYC. In between class, She can be found working out, wandering into bookstores or making To-Do lists.

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