This Architect Uses Sliding and Folding Furniture to Live Small in New York City

Making the most out of small spaces in a New York City apartment is an artform. Lucky enough to have both an architect, designer, and carpenter in their family, Peter Kostelov and Olga Feshina have setup their 700-square feet perfectly, creating space with custom built, sliding and folding furniture made from plywood. Check out this video for a tour of their New York City apartment.

With the help of Kostelov’s carpenter father Vladimir (who flew in from Russia to help) they used plywood to craft sliding tables, benches and beds, as well as cabinets, closets and some walls and ceiling finishes. “This is the biggest advantage of plywood: you can make shapes that are custom made… this is how you can save your budget and use as much space as you can."

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Matt Coneybeare

Matt Coneybeare

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